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Dr. Asuman Göksel represented CES-METU

Our associate Dr. Asuman Göksel represented CES-METU at the EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference 2015, which took place on the 8-9 October 2015 in Milan. The General Assembly Meeting brought together over 100 participants from 27 Euro-Mediterranean countries, including policy-makers and experts from 75 research institutes on politics and security in theMediterranean. Attached to it, the Annual Conference 2015 entitled “Reviewing the Euro-Mediterranean Relations” provided a platform to discuss the relations between the EU and theSouthern Mediterraneanpartner countries over the last 20 years in light of the changing geopolitical dynamics. In a way to reflect upon its future and challenges including internal and transnational conflicts, terrorism, migration, refugee crisis and economic and social issues, the Conference addressed three main dimensions of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation: politics and security, socio-economic dimension; and social, human and cultural aspects.