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In 2005, CES has been awarded a research grant by the European Commission to advance its institutional and research capacity in European Studies. As part of its goal to become a leading Center of Excellence in the region, the Center has been forming institutional networks with various research Centers and academic organizations in Europe and around the world.

In the context of the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme, “Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area: Reinforcement of the Associated Candidate Countries’ Research Capacities”, the CES was awarded a substantial grant by the European Commission in 2005 to become a “Center of Excellence” in European studies. It aims to enhance its institutional and research capacity by promoting the development of an interdisciplinary environment amenable for conducting comparative research in the area of comprehensive security and governance in a wider Europe with a special focus on Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

The objectives of the project include:

- Upgrading the institutional structure of the CES and enhancing its research capacity,

- Formulating new research questions and developing research projects,

- Establishing, maintaining, and reinforcing its links with leading research institutions of Europe,

- Facilitating re-integration of young social scientists from Turkey into Turkish academia.

The Center, in its first year, has upgraded its technical infrastructure, and recruited seven highly qualified, full-time post-doctoral researchers in order to advance its research capacity along the areas stated in the project. Through networking activities, the Center strengthened its ties with academic institutions and research centers in EU member states, accession and candidate countries. In this context, the CES hosted a group of leading researchers and supported study visits by doctoral students and faculty members to European research institutions and organized its first “brokerage event”.

In the second year, Center continued with its networking activities with leading research institutions and organized two brokerage events in Brussels and Florence. In addition to these events, Center has supported two more events in Istanbul, Turkey and Nicosia, Northern Cyprus. Furthermore, CES continued with its Visiting Fellowship Program inviting scholars to the Center, and supporting study visits by doctoral students and faculty members to European research institutions.

During the course of the project (2005-2008), the CES will continue its research, networking and dissemination activities with the intention to contribute to the larger debates on the future of Turkey - EU relationship.