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Center for European Studies is a partner institution in the The European Polity Post Lisbon (EUPOLIS) project funded by the Education, Audiovisiual and Culture Executive Agency handling the Jean Monnet Programme.  EUPOLIS Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Cologne. The project aims stimulate academic debate on the evolution of the EU by treaty reforms, focussing especially on the Lisbon Treaty. The project will analyse the ‘quasi'-constitutional evolution of the European polity from an interdisciplinary (political science, law, history) and trans-national perspective. EUPOLIS will deepen and widen the existing "acquis académique" on theory by pursuing an analysis from the perspective of the fusion thesis.

EUPOLIS will pursue the following concrete aims and objectives:

  1. generate and test a set of guiding theses of the ‘quasi'-constitutional evolution while contributing further to theory-building, particularly by applying and elaborating the "fusion" approach in the context of the acquis académique;
  2. generate qualitative and quantitative indicators for analysing trends of Treaty reforms and polity evolution, e.g. by more clearly defining the dichotomy of intergovernmental and supranational features as well as the reciprocal entanglement (or institutional fusion) of national and EU levels;
  3. assess the fundamental impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the efficiency and effectiveness of the EU political system as well as on the quasi-constitutional evolution of the polity;
  4. deliver well-founded theory based political advice to experts, civil servants and practitioners, in particular with regard to possible trajectories ("scenarios") of the EU's evolving construction;
  5. update the research agenda, teaching curricula and materials for Ph.D and postgraduate students at institutions of higher education.


EUPOLIS pursues these aims from three distinct but interlocking perspectives; Analysing macro trends in the "moyenne durée", Integrating the role of national preferences and Analysing the impact of institutional change

Director of CES, Prof. Dr. Atila Eralp is involved in this project as an expert, with Prof. Renaud Dehousse (Paris) and Katia Hristova-Valtcheva (Sofia), providing additional stimulus for reflection and debate, providing feedback on the results and acting as a multiplier and disseminator of the project results through academic activities and networks.