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Networking on the South Caucasus; Conflict Resolution



CES has access to an effective network in South Caucasus, including in nonrecognized entities through the work in the area of conflict resolution of one of its research fellows, Dr Burcu Gültekin. She is a member of The Economy and Conflict Research Group of the South Caucasus, a group of researchers from Tbilisi, Sukhum/i, Tskhinval/i, Yerevan, Stepanakert/Khankendi, Baku and Istanbul/Ankara that seeks to explore economy-related peacebuilding opportunities in the region. The research project, facilitated by the conflict transformation NGO International Alert, aims both to examine the nature of economies in the region with a view to exploring economy-related peacebuilding opportunities and to promote dialogue and cooperation between the researchers themselves. The researchers went on to establish the Caucasus Business & Development Network (CBDN) which will lay the foundations for a community of business people engaging in cross-conflict dialogue and economic cooperation.

Dr. Burcu Gultekin