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VABpro - Expert Training Programme


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VABpro - Expert Training Programme



“Building Capacity for EU Affairs in the Governorates Project” (VABpro) is financed under the IPA I Component -SEI: Support Activities to Strengthen the European Integration Process.


The objective of the Expert Training Programme was to develop the necessary human resources at the EU units of the governorates of the pilot project provinces in a way to equip their staff on the EU matters.


Around 100 staff of the EU units from 20 governorates were given a 10-day training course on the topics such as EU institutions and policies; Turkey-EU relations; Accession Negotiations and Negotiation Chapters; EU Financial Aids and Project Management. The programme was also complemented with interactive training methods, such as EU decision-making simulation; exercise with learning cards on “What’s EU?”; news analysis on EU matters; and, site-visits to the public and EU institutions taking active part in Turkey’s accession process.


The expert training course was organised in two weeks.


Week 1 (27-31 May 2013):

-          Historical Development of the EU

-          EU Law

-          European Economic Integration

-          EU Policies: Regional Policy, Food Safety Policy and Rural Development Policy

-          EU-Turkey Relations

-          EU Negotiation Process


Week 2 (10-14 June 2013):

-         Turkey’s EU Communication Strategy

-          EU’S Impact on Daily Life

-          Turkey-EU Relations in the Media

-          Public Opinion in the Turkey-EU Relations

-          Local Governments in the EU

-          EU Education and Youth Programmes

-          EU Financial Aid and Project Management Cycle


The Expert Training Course also included a panel entitled “EU-Turkey Relations from Local to Univeral”. The successful participants were also provided with a certificate at the end of the whole programme.



May-June 2013


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The Ministry for EU Affairs



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-          Designing the Training Programme

-          Implementation of the Training Programme

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