The Middle East Technical University (METU) is one of Turkey's premier public universities with a stellar reputation for its highly trained graduates in scientific, technical and professional fields. Within METU, the Center for European Studies (CES) is founded in 1997 at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FEAS) in order to promote the development of an interdisciplinary environment conducive for studying and researching the processes of European integration in a comparative manner. Since its inauguration, the Center has actively engaged in teaching and research on policy and politics in Europe in general and the process of social and political transformation in Turkey on the way to EU membership in particular.

Drawing its strength from its close cooperation with the four departments of the FEAS, namely, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration, Economics, and Business Administration, the Center is involved in several teaching activities. First, it offers two different MSc Programmes, one in "European Studies" since 2001, and another in "European Integration" since September 2006. Several courses taught in these programmes have been awarded the Jean Monnet Permanent Courses and European Module titles by the European Commission and the director of the Center holds a Jean Monnet Chair on Politics of European Integration. The Center is also a partner of the Master in Euro-Mediterranean Affairs (MEMA/MAEM) network and contributes to the teaching and hosting activities of the programme. In addition to its teaching activities, the Center offers, in collaboration with prominent European universities, training programmes on various aspects of European integration, which are designed for policy-makers and young civil servants. In 2005, the CES has been awarded a substantial grant by the European Commission to advance its institutional and research capacity in European Studies to become a leading Center of Excellence in the region. As part of this goal, the Center has been concentrating its efforts on forming institutional networks with various research centers and universities in Europe in order to undertake joint research projects.

The Center hosts a European Documentation Center (EDC), which collects and systematically organizes the official publications of the European Union. To meet the needs of students, specialists, and general public for material on the EU, the EDC supplies books, reports, collections, series, brochures, statistics, and the entire collection of the Official Journal of the European Union. Bringing all these qualities together in its structure, the Center continues to provide a unique venue for the meeting of a variety of research interests and disciplinary approaches on European integration and the enlargement process. In this respect, the Center acts as a focal point between policy-makers, scholars and practitioners at the national and international levels on the future of Turkey - EU relationship.

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