Europe Day, 7 May 2019, METU, Ankara.



20. Yılında AB Helsinki Zirvesi, 17 December 2019, METU, Ankara.

"20th Anniversary of Helsinki Summit: Democratisation in Turkey and Thoughts on the European Project" was held at METU IIBF A Building Çobanoğlu Hall as a two-panel public conference organised by CES-METU in collaboration with Istanbul Policy Centre.


FEUTURE Ankara Workshop, 20-21 February 2018, METU, Ankara.

On 20 and 21 February 2018, the Centre for European Studies of Middle East Technical University (CES-METU) organised and hosted the joint workshop of the FEUTURE Work Package 2 "Political Drivers" and Work Package 4 "Security Drivers" in Ankara, Turkey. The workshop provided detailed analysis on a wide range of issues, promoted effective collaboration, stimulated lively discussions, and prompted an exchange of opinions drawn from more than 50 participants from academia, government, diplomacy, business, and civil society. In this regard, the workshop generated essential input for the research conducted under the FEUTURE project and valuable content for the audience of the public events.


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