Turkey-European Union Relations in a Global Perspective is an online graduate course aiming at bringing into discussion the current dynamics, actors and events in Turkey-EU relations from a global perspective.


The objective of the course is to analytically broaden the perspective of the students by providing them a variety of theoretical approaches, historical background and current dynamics of Turkey-EU relations, so that they are equipped to better understand and evaluate the course and current state of the relations. At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • compare and contrast different theoretical perspectives to analyse Turkey-EU relations;
  • analyse political, economic, legal dimensions of Turkey-EU relations across various issues;
  • evaluate the basic current dynamics of Turkey-EU relations; and,
  • critically reflect upon the Turkey-EU relations in an informed and analytical manner.


The course is developed and designed as an online course, supported by audio-visual and written course materials.


This graduate course is available in two ways:

  • As a credit graduate course at the European Studies Graduate Programme, open for all the graduate students at METU starting from the 2021-2022 Spring Semester.

     METU Catalog: https://catalog.metu.edu.tr/course.php?prog=833&course_code=8330524

     METU Syllabus: (yetkili girişi): https://odtusyllabus.metu.edu.tr/

  • As an online open course and free-of-charge for all interested viewers around the globe starting from mid-July 2022.

     METU OpenCourseWare: https://ocw.metu.edu.tr/?lang=en


Course outline:

Week 1: Introduction to the Course

Week 2: Historical development of Turkey-EU relations

Week 3: Theoretical Approaches to Turkey-EU relations: Europeanisation/De-Europeanisation;

Week 4: Theoretical Approaches to Turkey-EU relations: Differentiated Integration;

Week 5: Theoretical Approaches to Turkey-EU relations: Critical Political Economy

Week 6: Changing global context and Turkey-EU Relations: The role of US in Turkey-EU relations.

Week 7: Politics of Turkey-EU Relations: Cyprus issue and Eastern Mediterranean

Week 8: Politics of Turkey-EU Relations: Middle East

Week 9: Economics of Turkey-EU relations: Customs Union between EU and Turkey; and, EU Green Deal and Turkey

Week 10: Governance of Turkey-EU Relations in Turkey

Week 11: Governance of Turkey-EU Relations at the European Union (European Council and EU Summits; European Commission; European Parliament)

Week 12: Issues in Turkey-EU Relations: Migration

Week 13: Issues in Turkey-EU Relations: Public opinion

Week 14: Future of Turkey-EU Relations


For this aim, the course presents different perspectives and theoretical backgrounds analysing Turkey-EU relations. The course also places the Turkey-EU relations in a global context, by focusing on the role of United States, Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean in the context of Turkey-EU relations historically and currently. In addition, important topics and dynamics affecting the course of relations, such as the Cyprus issue, Customs Union, EU Green Deal, migration and public opinion are also separately focused on. Lastly, the course discusses the governance of Turkey-EU relations to reflect upon the actors and their roles both in Turkey and at the EU level.