Please find below the list of candidates who are qualified for the master interviews that will take place on 25 July 2023. Note that timeline provided is rather estimated. Interviews might start sooner or later than the hours indicated due to absences or other possible inconveniences. Please make sure to arrive a bit earlier than the time provided here. Interviews will be held in classroom G-169 (FEAS B Building).


For any questions or concerns, please contact EUS Research Assistant Nurdan Selay Bedir (e-mail:


10:00 TE*** TA*** ME***
10:10 KÖ** BE***
10:20 Bİ**** AH*** VE****
10:30 Şİ**** ER***
10:40 YIL********** YİĞ**
10:50 ÇA****** PE*** NU*
11:00 AV** ÇE*** AS**
11:10 ÖZ***** SE***
11:20 ÇA****** GÜ****
11:30 AR** ZE**** GÜ***
11:40 ÖZ*** S** HA****
11:50 ON**** RE****
12:00 SE**** ZE****
12:10 GÜ*** PI***
12:20 ÖZ**** KE***
13:30 KA** NE**** Nİ*
13:40 YI**** NA*
13:50 CA* MU**** KE***
14:00 Bİ*** PE***
14:10 BÜ**** İL****
14:20 AK** AS*****
14:30 ŞA*** AD***
14:40 CES** Dİ****
14:50 İN**** ÖZ**
15:00 ŞE***** GÜ****
15:10 CA******* EZ**
15:20 YI**** SE**  NU*
15:30 BE*** BE******
15:40 TU**** TU***
15:50 KA****** KE***
16:00 AY***** AY***** BE***
16:10 ÇO****** MU*****

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